Trinity Development Alliance

Trinity Development Alliance is a fully integrated development company based in Christchurch and Queenstown, successfully delivering multi-million dollar commercial and residential projects throughout New Zealand’s South Island.

The team, lead by a team of successful developers including directors Wayne Foley and Roy van Leeuwen, brings a genuine wealth of development, design, cost management and construction expertise to any project, creating honest value through quality, ability and knowledge.

Each service – which can be used independently or collectively – informs and adds value to the others.

Trinity stands apart because of its invaluable commercial insights and established business relationships, thorough knowledge of every stage of the project management and construction process, and focus on delivering quality outcomes that exceed client expectations.    

Aware that no two projects are ever the same, with complex variables, parameters and relationships, Trinity tailors its services to suit specific client needs. We deeply value a close, collaborative and open working relationship with clients built on reciprocal trust. We work hard to open up and maintain healthy communication channels between clients and all key stakeholders.

Trinity Development Alliance delivers the highest standards every day.  

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